A Foundational Model for Crypto Data

Large Language and Prediction Models for building Intelligent and Autonomous decentralized applications.

value proposition

Value Proposition

Existing foundational models lack a disciplined understanding of blockchain primitives and the crypto ecosystem, they are trained on general data and are prone to hallucinations.

RPS AI is built from the ground up on web3 data, utilizing novel methods to significantly improve accuracy & reasoning for crypto applications.

Our model enables developers to effortlessly develop scalable and reliable web3 applications with novel features, without deep Al knowledge or extensive fine-tuning.

A Feature Complete Model for Web3 Applications

query data

Query Data

Live & historical blockchain data.

Up to date crypto contextual data.

interpret intent

Interpret Intent

Deeper understanding of crypto language and primitives.

Minimal hallucination outputs.

make predictions

Make Predictions

Coordinates variety of live data sources for higher accuracy.

Optimize executions.


Crypto Copilot

Powered by RPS AI, users can query on-chain data using natural language input and execute tasks.

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A suite of tools that allows any crypto application to build on accurate crypto LLMs & predictions.

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The Preferred Choice for Web3 Builders


• Crypto specific data
• ~3B-7B
• LLM (encoder first) + LPM (time series)
• Multimodal: textual & time series data
• Higher prediction accuracy for web3 intent and executions
• Access to live blockchain data across EVM/Near/Solana...


• General datasets
• ~175B
• LLM (Decoder only)
• Slower
• Complex reasoning, creative writing
• Large general knowledge

Llama 2

• General datasets
• ~7B-65B
• LLM (Decoder only)
• Faster
• Parameter efficient
• Text prediction

RPS Network

RPS' AI network coordinates researchers, data curators, processors for RLHF to continuously improve the model over time.

rps network

Our Methodology

RPS AI goes beyond superficial prompt engineering of GPT wrappers. Our foundational model is trained with blockchain data and crypto context at a base level, achieving higher accuracy, reliability, and performance, capable of powering businesses at scale.

rps network

Use Cases

  • • NLP enabled apps

  • • Trading agents

  • • Next gen analytics

  • • Risk assessment

  • • Security audits

  • • AML/Regtech

Our Mission

AI will learn and interact with finance through the blockchain. At RPS, we’re building infrastructure for the future of fintech, powered by a purpose built crypto foundational model.

We're a team of crypto natives from Stanford and Georgia Tech with 10 years of experience in deep learning and crypto with experience productionizing LLMs since 2019.


Richard W.


Aleksa M.


Aleksandar S.


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